WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

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WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk allows you to send and receive messages online on Tablet or your Desktop PC. It is the browser-based PC client of the messenger. It is perhaps not another account; however, the same accounts on an internet browser,, and you’re merely just accessing the account on both of these devices. It has got the identical functionality while on your phone and also you can instantly send and receive messages. Each of the words of your account is synced around, and you can see all the notes on both of the devices. Any news that you ship via whats app Internet will be on your account. It can be obtained for All of the Android and operating system Smartphones. It rolled a brand new upgrade, which enables users to add a more colorful background to text status.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

The functionality is similar to the one on Facebook when studying a new status update in which a range of background color options appears. It has helped fuel growth in markets where internet connectivity is lean but where it is widely employed. Facebook subsequently gains use of all these mobile user foundations. Linking to users in these areas may also aid  Internet initiative, Facebook wants to execute internet usage of portions of the entire planet not yet on the web. Face book does believe that it will profit from its down the line as mobile calls become mobile and obsolete messages predominate. He maintained the company out of the hands of other technology rivals, in doing this.

Utilize WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk Online and desktop

  • It isn’t confined to your cell phone.
  • There is an internet app that syncs everything, and there is a desktop program too.
  • Both apps and the web will serve up alerts and chats on a computer to respond quickly and easily.
  • Your phone will have to get connected for it to work, though, so if you lose your connection.
  • The web program will stop syncing, and soon you secure your mobile connection back.
  • Read about how it works in our different features.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk from Facebook

  • It is a FREE messaging program designed for Android along with other smartphones.
  • It’s using your phone’s Internet connection to enable you to message and call friends and family.
  • Switch from SMS into WhatsApp receive.
  • And to ship Voice Messages, calls, videos, photos, documents, and messages.


WhatsApp in the Side Bar of Opera

  • WhatsApp has already been one of the default messengers built in the Opera browser.
  • Keep an eye on a set conversation at the same time.
  • You surf the internet or maintain the conversation.

Pair your phone with Opera!

  • There is no need to download the app Web.
  • Click the logo on your Opera sidebar to open it.
  • And click the logo to cover up it.
  • Simply scan the QR code to pair your phone’s app accounts using your computer.
  • Utilize App straight in your Opera browser, Ideas on How to use in Opera
  • Send messages from registering at the box at the base.
  • Attach a document like a picture or a video, by selecting the paper clip icon at the top.
  • Send voice messages or dictate text messages by simply clicking.
  • It will not overlap your pages by clicking on the Pin icon at the top-right.
  • Mute it in Opera’s Side Bar by the three-dot menu at the top-left.
  • See if your WhatsApp messages have been read.

WHY USE WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk:


  • What’s the AppApp that uses your mobile Internet connection to enable.
  • You message and call friends and family.
  • And therefore that you do not need to pay for each message or call.
  • There are no subscription fees.


  • Call your family and friends free of charge with what’s app Calling.
  • Even though they’re in another nation.
  • It calls for using your mobile’s Internet connection rather than your mobile App’sApp’s voice moments.


  • Enjoy group talks with your contacts, so it is easy to keep in touch with your friends or loved ones.


  • You can also send and receive messages directly from your computer’s browser.
  • Chat with your friends around the planet and avert international SMS charges.
  • WhatsApp works only and integrates with the existing address book of your phone.

What is New?

  • It is possible to opt to accept an incoming telephone while you’re already on another call.
  • Now you can take a mic to unlock WhatsApp.
  • It fixed a problem that caused a fast battery drain.
  • The critical vulnerability that allowed the infiltration of spyware onto mobiles
  • And thus use the recipient’s camera, microphone, location, and messaging advice included in a surveillance strike was patched.

How To set up?

  • Open whats app, touch the scatter menu at the top right corner, and select Settings.
  • In Preferences, select Chats.
  • In Chats, select Theme, and within Theme, you may see Dark.

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