SmartEdit 3.43 Writer Crack With Window 7 Full Version Free Download

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SmartEdit 3.43 Writer Crack With Window 7 Full Version Free Download

SmartEdit Writer is a  useful program that allows you to organize and improve your writing efficiency easily. Although primarily designed for authors, the program is useful for anyone who uses the computer as a writing tool. I used to use PageFour for my writing projects, which is an excellent program that works very well, although I later switched to Scrivener because it has more features than I liked. I’ve always seen the creators, Bad Wolf Software, in case you come up with something interesting. A few weeks ago, I noticed that they launched a new product called SmartEdit.

SmartEdit Writer With Window 7 Full Version Free Download

SmartEdit Writer With Window 7 Full Version Free Download

The subtitle for SmartEdit is “Speed ​​up editing and catch errors early”. A simple, compact and efficient design and vertically divided into three sections provide an excellent start to make that promise. The program uses the tabbed sidebars on either side of the main text window; on the left, phrases and dialogue labels; on the right, repeated phrases and repeated words. Each entry displays its counter; for example, in Cliches, the Count column tracks how often each vulgar word is used. In the main view, SmartEdit Crack displays monitored words and sentences. The Scan Options button on the toolbar allows us to configure our scans. In contrast, the Edit List button produces a dialogue box with tabs containing lists of watchwords, licenses, dialogue tags, ignored phrases, and ignored words. We can easily add, edit or delete entries. The online Help link provided excellent resources, including tips for authors and experimental videos.

SmartEdit  Download

  • SmartEdit Download was quick, and the installation was not easy. Once this was done, I compared it to part of my work and was surprised to see how outstanding it was. You can think of SmartEdit as a spelling and grammar checker that is familiar with steroids and very easy to use. First, import your business, then write checks. The program highlights possible included issues, and you can either modify them directly or use them as a reference for the main script (this is how I work with Scrivener).


  • If you are a novelist or a writer and want to use the computer to write your stories, you will notice that Windows alone cannot help you, since Notepad or Wordpad, two writing apps listed in Windows, have minimal features. An experienced writer may not satisfy you. The best solution, in this case, is to use the SmartEdit app, a Windows program that allows you to write any type of text, regardless of whether we are talking about poetry, stories, or novels, using a wide range of text tools.

What’s New

  • After installing and running the app, the user will notice that the interface is similar to that in Wordpad, but it is more complex and has more options. As such, one will be able to see the number of occurrences of each word and phrase included in the written text. For this to be possible, the user will only need to type the desired text and then click the Scan button on the SmartEdit graphical toolbar. The scanning function can work with any type of book and is very accurate.
  • Moreover, SmartEdit can display the number of cliches included in the text, as it comes with an extensive database of cliches. Once the story is written, the user can save it in a wide range of formats, such as RTF or TXT. Unfortunately, there is no support for MS Word.DOC files.

SmartEdit Writer With Window 7 Full Version Free Download


  • It allows you to write any type of novel or story in a much more effective way than using Wordpad or Notepad. Also, all repetitions of words or phrases can be counted and displayed within the interface. Also, it can detect cliches. Plus, you can save projects in a wide range of file formats.


  • It does not support the.DOC format.

Latest Version

  • SmartEdit is easy to use. We uploaded a text file (the program also opens RTF), and we did the scan, which did not show any cliches but many repeated phrases. We can save our inspection report as a text file, which is a useful feature that allows you to go back to previous scans without double-checking materials. While SmartEdit is primarily aimed at aspiring fiction writers, it can help any writer avoid lousy writing and learn from their mistakes.

Product key

  • 23EWI-W42GK-243RK-24RHN-1ED67
  • DCR44-F56CV-314AX-35CFE-23DXQ

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