Microsoft DirectX 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC Full Version

The Microsoft DirectX 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio.

DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX APIs.


Microsoft DirectX 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC Full Version



Microsoft DirectX 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC Full Version

The latest version of the Microsoft Windows Gaming API delivers Microsoft’s powerful new High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) and features its most-advanced suite of design tools for the development of rich multimedia elements such as full-spectrum color graphics, video, 3-D animation and enhanced audio capabilities.

DirectX 9.0 introduces significant improvements across its suite of APIs. DirectSound offers new audio capabilities, DirectShow accelerates video rendering hardware, and Direct3D enhances low-level graphics programmability with new programmable vertex and pixel shader 2.0 models.


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DirectX 11 makes it possible to enjoy your games and other multimedia applications with the best visuals possible.

Microsoft DirectX Control Panel is a small enhancement for Windows’ control panel that implements the possibility to access properties very easily.

A standard Windows installation includes both basic and advanced tools to cope with all kinds of user requests, but at times, accessing a service is difficult for beginners. For instance, DirectX information can be accessed via the dxdiag tool, but extensive options are invisible to the naked eye.

Gain quick access to DirectX properties

As a consequence, Microsoft rolled out a helper that can make advanced DirectX properties accessible. It adds an entry inside the computer’s control panel, from where you can adjust video card settings on the go.

Embed DirectX shortcut in your control panel

Available in an extremely small package (under 100 KB), the application comes in a different format than Windows’ standard executable types.

Once you click it, a window displaying a wide array of properties pops up, allowing you to adjust video, as well as audio behavior.

Apply several tweaks to your system

Aside from DirectX info, the service also enables users to view and tweak Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectInput, DirectMusic, DirectSound and DirectShow settings.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Microsoft DirectX Control Panel acts as a shortcut for accessing DirectX Properties. You can use it to tweak your video card to perform to its maximum for gaming or multimedia purposes.


  • Improved visual and audio performance
  • Easy to install
  • Noticeable change in your games


  • All behind the scenes, so not that exciting


Microsoft DirectX 2018 For Windows, 7, 8, 10 + MAC Full Version is here

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